Easiest way to toggle infrared (IR) via Homey 2019

Hi all,

I bought a Qazqa uplight from LampenLicht, which unfortunately does not remember it’s status when the outlet is turned off via a relais. This means, we have to either physically turn on the light, or use the remote control.

The remote control sends a IR-signal, which via developer.athom.com I was able to read out in the following command:


I remember from trying to get this working a few months ago, that with software called GTKWave I have to translate/compile the above code. I’m retrying now, but am a little lost again, but I am sure I will manage to do that again.

Within Homey - a few months ago - I was able to paste code in Homey Developer Tools which enabled me to turn the light on/off via the browser.

Next step I would like to achieve, is to be able to use this in a flow, as simple as possible. All I need to do is turn the light on or off.

Is it possible to copy a very simple code and put that in a flow? Or do I really have to go through the trouble of creating an app, which as a non-programmer I will not be able to do.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

As a new user I am only allowed to post 1 image, I would like to understand if this flow-card might be able to help me? Assuming of course, I know what code to call…

Unfortunately you don’t mention what model you own. But Homey Pro 2023 can send Raw pronto hex codes now since FW v10.1.0, with a simple flow card.
This code you used here:

should work with that flow card.

Hi Peter, I run on a homey pro 2016 - 2019. As it’s only software, should this card exist for me too? I cannot find it anywhere.

After diving a bit further in myself, I found out that the 2023 model has different firmware than my 2016-2019 model.

Apparently the Pro Early 2023 model has a firmware ( v10.1.0-rc.4 experimental and v10.1.0 stable) which enables a flow-card to send a IR message.

For my device (Homey Pro (2016—2019) Changelog | Homey) the firmware apparently has less actual useful updates…

Yup, don’t know why they named both firmwares to v10.x… makes it UNclear which is which.

But indeed, unfortunately the IR card is only available for Pro 2023.
I don’t think this kind of upgrades are rolled out to the Pro 201x models, while we have to have reasons to buy a 2023 model finally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing: