Dyson is not finding Dyson purifier humidity +cool

Maybe they don’t have enough hands :wink: idk…

Is there any opportunity for adding the Dyson purifier humidity + cool? This would be really great

Hi Djordie,

Any update on this issue???

Dyson app keeps telling me: “No new device found”.

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Well, for starters, you can request it by following the “Request a brand” link I posted above your post.
Apparently no one did to this day :person_shrugging:

I actually did do this, but it doesn’t show up in the search

Dunno, I just requested it w/o any problem, and it shows when searching

Can you try searching for Dyson again? @Clithulhu . To make sure the search works :wink:

Odd, nothing shows up here

You have to login first :wink:

I have TP-07 and Homey Pro 2023 sees it, adds it, but unable to control it. And hub is within 5ft of Dyson fan so no idea what’s going on