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Driving Sonoff 4CH pro 433MHz?

My Homey looses WIFI connection now and then,
Fix is to reset the Homey by powercycling it.

My idea is to connect the Homey-mains to a channel of the Sonoff 4CHPRO, which has changeover switches, to the default “on” connection.
The 4CH I will supply itself with this channel as well.

So, If I “switch” said channel, the 4CH and Homey will switch off, setting the channel to “default” (on) again, powercycling itself and the Homey, thus resetting Homey

I saw the following problems:

  1. Detect WIFI disconnect can be triggered if a device has not reported for some time, since they communicate through WIFI, that could be the trick
    So I can switch the 4Ch channel.

  2. drive the Sonoff 4CH pro. This is the question: the 4CH is connected through MQTT, which is WIFI… but the 4CH pro has 433.

How to drive the 4CH with 433 MHz?


You homey has a fixed IP adress in you router?

Yes, I have a reservation in the DHCP for Homey.

Use Homeyduino, then you van make a Watchdog very easy!
I’m also use that for some pumps of my CV who needs to run if a signal is lost.
If you detect a lost of homey just switch the output off, wait X-seconds and then on again.