Double tap GE/Jaco switch help

Setting up GE/jasco paddle switches on Homey Pro 2023. I have 2 versions of the switches. The 14291 and 46201. I added the switches via the GE Enbrighten app.

Im hoping to get a double tap up/down working which appears in the flows. So. Far the double tap is not working.

Any solutions?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “double tap” is a dimmer function. 14291 (original zwave 300) and 46201 (zwave plus 500) are both only switches (not dimmers) therefore don’t support double tab.

I can’t say if you are wrong. I’m giving Homey a try coming from the SmartThings and Hubitat. Both of those platforms I was able to access the double tap, all be it with a community created driver on SmartThings.

Is there a community created driver repo for Homey?