Don’t get a alarm

I made a flow to trigger an alarm.

Get it working with a motion sensor.

Would now like to add multiple contacts (motion sensor + door contacts).

When I press the green button to start the flow it works, get a nice message that there is an alarm and the light goes on.

However, if the Serveillance Mode set to Armed and the motion sensor or door contact is activated, I will receive a message in the Homey app “Motion sensor in Living room triggered Alarm” but i don’t get a push notification or the light will not turn on.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Reading your post, first have to figure out…on what app your talking (not mention) but i assume (if not forget my post :wink: ) it goes about the Heimdall app.

in that case, you would probbely post your question in the related forum topic of the heimdal app

Oke, post it in Heimdall.


And with that we can close this topic.
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