Does Lutron RadioRA2 or RadioRA3 integrate with Homey?

Hi All - Does Lutron RadioRA2 or RadioRA3 integrate with Homey?

These are different from Lutron Caseta and RadioRA Select.

There is an App for Lutron, but there is mentioned:

Note: currently this integration focuses on Switches and Dimmers. Other device types are planned to follow later.

For contact with the developer per e-mail.

Thank you for such a fast response. Are you sure that Lutron app is for Lutron’S RadioRA2 amd/or RadioRA3 products. I can only find that it is for Lutron RadioRA Select and Casada products. Confirmation of this would be great!

Thank you.

Steve M.

Didn’t say that or know that, did say: contact the developer to be sure/ask

Got it. Thanks again.

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Steve, did you find a way to add RA2 or RA3 to Homey Pro? I have a RA3 setup and the Lutron app does not seem to support it