Do Not disturb setting

Hi, I Had this idea of a general Do not disturb setting that i can enable manually or by time of the day (like in night time) that can be used in Flow. For example i want to make a Flow when if someone push the doorbell button but the do not disturb is active, the doorbell will not ring (for me it’s possible because it’s controlled by a Shelly 2.5 module). I think i can already reproduce this by using better logic, but it will be better if it’s a system wide integration that can be used for many automation.

Why not use a Virtual Switch or a physical switch to control that even.

Yes, a Virtual Switch or a Virtual Mode can do this already for you.

I use the Virtual Mode for “Not at Home” and “On Holliday”.

Ooops … Sorry. Had the same idea also a couple of weeks ago but wrote It just an hour ago here in the forums … :sunglasses:
So no copycat.

Please "Do-Not-Disturb" and/or "Whisper" mode & (maybe "ALARM" mode) to general Status like Home/Not Home & Awake/Sleeping