Disconnected by Fibaro?

Hello SIRs,

I Have set up a single switch 2 from fibaro on an electrical outlet. Works good for a light BUT
i am using this to set up a flow to charge my car with the following

As soon as the flow starts it switches the outlet ON but then the problem is i keep getting a TURN OFF by FIBARO after 2 or 3 minutes…

Any idea why it s getting turned OFF by Fibaro ??

Maybe a security measure to prevent overloading? I can imagine your car charger uses much more power then the Fibaro can manage safely?

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True that @Jo_San.

Is the pic from your car charger? It uses 10A max.
What are the specs of the fibaro plug? I recommend at least a 16A capable plug, NOT a 10A version.

Looks like @Jo_San has the correct answer.

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A lot of webshops advertise the single switch 2 as capable of handling 2500W but it seems that it isn’t (or at least not for all load types and only for a short time).

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I think you are right. I will try another switch. Have a great day !

Get this one mate: Heavy duty Z-Wave switch for indoors & outdoors

It can handle 40A, it works fine with my Tesla.