Disable/reset 433Mhz

Hey everyone,

Is there a way to see if Homey has active signals on the 433Mhz network? My Homey has become very slow after installing the Wireless Weather Sensors app. Now I have opened all signals in the settings during testing. Also turned it off and uninstalled the app. It’s been drama ever since. I thought maybe the antenna is still on a number of 433 signals. Since I’ve also read that this is asking quite a lot. Is it also true that the 433Mhz network cannot be reset?

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Nope, you can’t see that,

but it is not likely that these signals make Homey self (the MicroSOM) Slow, all processing of RF is done by two special RF chip’s (CC1101s ) behind a dedicated Microcontroller.

The other end of the CC1101s are connected to a dedicated microcontroller. This is not Homeys main CPU, but a sort of helper core. This core is specialised in real-time operations such as wireless communication.

and A technical introduction to Homey | Homey

Probably it isn’t related to the Wireless Weather Sensors.
You could try to PtP ( un-plug homey for a couple of minutes) and restart.
But chances are it was something else.