Disable devices

Hello, I’d like to know if there’s a way to “disable” a device.
in my case, i want to disable the doors commands when the alarm signal is ON in this way I can prevent to open the doors for mistake

You can disable and enable Flows for this function.

You can prevent that flows are triggered when a door opens by disabeling the flows as stated above, but you cannot prevent the door from being opened. I assume you meant the flows, or did you want to block the door instead?

Besides the disabling of the “open the door” flows,
Maybe something like this for the “Open the door” device:
“open the door” device is pressed
alarm state is OFF
open door
notification: Door is not opened while alarm state is ON

I mean to disable directly the device

I don’t think that is possible.
You can “hide” the original devices, and create virtual devices to replace them. Those VD’s then trigger the door open flows.

I “hide” devices by moving them to a zone called zz.Zone-do-not-use or 999.do-not-use.
This way they should end up below all other zones.

Depends on the device. It is possible to use a flow to disable a device and then reenable it with a different flow. I do this with Hue Sensors

Maybe it helps to know what “device” we are talking about and what “commands” you want to prevent from happening. I am guessing it is more a question for the device manufacturer than it is for the Homey integration.

E.g. Homey cannot prevent direct interaction with a device, commands through direct integrations with Google Home or Alexa etc. - unless the device itself can be blocked. Homey can only stop reacting to events.

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