Disable manual switching of a device


Is it possible to disable die manual switching of a device, in the “device tab”? So that you can’t accidentally switch on/off a device. The device should only be switchable through a flow.

I have a heater which should only switched via a flow.

How is it switching? Via a PowerPlug? Via Communication?
Looks dangerous when something goes wrong and you cannot switch it off?
Some PowerPlugs have the option “Always ON” but then you also cannot switch is off by flow.

If you want to ‘hide’ the device tile, afaik the only option is to create a zone with it’s name starting with f.i. zzz_ or 999_
This way the zone appears below all other zones, the chance of accidentally hitting the tile is smaller this way.

It’s not dangerous if it’s switched on or off accidentally. It just costs Money :wink:

I have created two flows, they check if it should switched on or off, and switch the heater (hot water underfloor heating) in the correct state.

Sorry, I didn’t read well, like Peter said, hide it in a separate zone with a name starting with Z,
if you still want to see the status, you can make a Virtual device and synchronize the status of both.