Hi everyone, is there any dimmerplug that works with Homey Bridge
I have tried AD147-2 (Nexa/Everspring) but it don’t work.

With the Homey-pro i have a very good experience with the ecodim plug dimmer, zigbee protocol
Special for led, low kW

@Soren_Lindgren I have a Homey Pro so I can not tell what will work.
But if you search for a dimmer plug in the app store for Homey, not the Pro version, then you will find some.
Then you can eventually search for more I fo for that device.
You also can search for dimmer but then there is a lot more work to do to find out.

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Thanks for the tips. Nexa and Everspring don,t work for Homey Bridge so I will try Eco Dim instead.