Dimmer and motion sensor in 1 device

I am looking for a dimmer that also has a motion sensor and can be connected to homey.

So far, I only found this one KS220M | Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch, Motion-Activated | TP-Link but it is not available in the Netherlands. Also not sure if it size wise fits and which amount of volts it supports.

Is there a dimmer sensor with the same functionality available in the Netherlands?

Found this one:

But it is not (yet) in the app: (of course not because the sensor is WiFi and the app is Z-wave).

Both are for the US market (120V AC), don’t think i’ve seen anything that is for the EU market as our wall boxes are relatively smaller and differently shaped then the US ones, and apparently manufacturers just don’t want to create things for the EU with the same functionality, just switches, or just motion sensors.

Any idea when they will be added? Been waiting months for the integration.