Dim with 1 button switch


Does someone has a flow to dim with a 1 button switch? For example with the Xiaomi Button switch.

What I want is that when I hold the button it will dim up, if released and hold again within a few seconds; dim down.


Hi, I’ve Search for you on this forum:

Does it helps you?

I tried that but wasn’t working like I want it to be…

This isn’t what I mean

And what if you want to dim the light down again after while?

Then click and hold first up than down.

I found out that when I use relative dim it doesn’t work when binding to the hold function. When I hold it nothing happens, then I release it and it will dim 1x relative. Anyone know what can be the case?

@timvdhoorn with the information from the link iets possible to create the flow what you want have. I’m using the second input from a fibaro dimmer 2 for the dim loop by a hue bulb.
Flow with the action “hold down”:

Flow to dim_down:

Flow to dim_up:

Flow to stop transition and change dim-up<>dim-down:

Tell me when you need some help!

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I will try to duplicate it, thanks!

I managed to create something to my likings by your tips, just sharing it here for others.