Devolo @ Homey 2.0

Hi everyone,

I am using Devolo thermostats all over the house and I am planning an upgrade to Homey 2.0. Before I do that, however, I need to know if the Devolo App is working with Homey 2.0. As of now I have neither found an official statement about that nor an entry here that the upgrade worked for someone.
I know that since the Devolo App ( is made by Athom it should work with 2.0 but I would need a clear statement about this app so that I don’t end up without working thermostats in the middle of the winter. :slight_smile:

I just added one Devolo room thermostat and one radiator thermostat. Both seem to be working fine in Homey 2.0.

I just started with Homey coming from homee and before that Devolo Home Control. I‘m curios if anyone knows how to synchronise the room thermostat with the radiator thermostat. With the DHC it was possible to use the current temperature from the room thermostat as actual temperature for one or more radiator thermostats.

Does anybody know that the scene switch is working from devolo, i added it 2x and both times it doesnt do anything when i press the buttons

Hi CaptainVoni,

thanks for testing the Devolo App with Homey 2.0.

I also have a room thermostat but I am only using it to switch a plug on/off (for electrical heating). But I guess it should be easy to synchronize the target temperature of the room thermostat to the radiator thermostat:

I would try it with a flow which starts if the target temperature of the room thermostat changes (there is a flow card for that). Then you should only need to add the radiator thermostats you want to control in that room to the “then” column and set the target temperature of the radiator thermostat to the tag value “Target temperature (room thermostat)”.

Synchronzing the target temperature isn’t a problem. It is the current temperature, which is tricky and which makes all the difference.
The DHC sends somehow the current temperature of the room thermostat to all synchronised radiator thermostats. Neither homee nor Homey support this.
At the moment I’m testing a flow which adjusts the target temperature of the radiator thermostats in order to take the difference in the current temperatures into account. Not a perfect solution like the one from the DHC, but it seems to work acceptable.

I have the same problem that the flows I created with the “Devolo scene switch” do work when I test the flow. but if I use the buttons of the “scene switch” nothing happens.

I see in the z-wave tools, that there are many Tx errors.

Do more people have problems with the “Devolo scene switch”