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Determine why a particular device is turning off

I’ve been labbing a lot with my new Homey and it’s been working very good most of the time. At one point, however, I encountered an issue with one of my Nexa remote swicthes. For some reason Homey lost its capability to toggle it. I solved it by removing and re-installing it making it wanna play nice again.

But now this switch is acting strange for another reason. 22.30 every evening it turns off but I am unable to detect which flow is the origin of this action. I got 4 flows involving this particular device and none of them is configured to turn the device off at this time of the day.

How do I trace the origin of this action? Is there a log file available? My suspicion is this is caused by some bug in Homey where a previously removed flow hasn’t been fully deleted or similar, but I’d like a way to be sure.

Add Logging to all flows with fe PaperTrails
Wait one night and you know the flow :wink: