Debugging script code

Dear readers,
I am having some trouble with a homey script, looking for a way to debug the code. Is it possible to debug the code by executing it one line at a time and see the parameters. And set break point etc ?
(The f8 similarity in VB, when writing macro’s).
May not be the most professional way, but for me this works.
I also have VScode installed on my laptop, so if that’s a way to do it, would also be fine.

So any suggestions welcome.

Unless someone says otherwise, I don’t think the HomeyScript tools are that sophisticated.

What I do is add

Log( 'a message string that can include variables' );

at key places. The string appears in the ‘Console’ window when you run the script in the ‘HomeyScript’ page.

Crude, but effective.


I think the script in this post shows nice examples:

You can log variables combined with text like: log("WeekDay =", weekday);