Homeyscript - no output whatsoever

Anyone know how to fix it when I don’t get any output in the log/console window? I have a script I need to debug - it runs just fine, but seems like there’s a minor bug. When I go to debug, I don’t get any output in the console whatsoever. I’ve tried in the homeyscript editor, and I’ve tried from the small window in the advanced flow editor. I’ve even tried creating a new script with only “console.log(“test”);” and “this.log(“test”);”. Nothing at all shows up. I’ve also tried restarting homey, but that didn’t help.


Try just log(), so without “this” or “console”

Thanks, but I tried that also. For some reason, all is well again after a few hours. It has happened before, which is why I’m interested in hearing if someone has a solution. Seems my scripts have worked fine, though, so it might just be the console output that’s been affected.

I had exactly the same, no output. And, now works fine again without me doing anything. Glitch in the Matrix.