Dashboard tile long press filter


I have a Homeydash tile for my Somfy blinds. With longpress I’am able to set the position of the tile from 0-100%. That works perfekt. Now I have 2 devices, which have position (windowcovering_set) and tilt function (windowscovering_tilt_set). For this 2 devices I would like to set (longpress) the tilt function (0-100%) instead of set. I tried different things (set filter) in the javascript file (/app/js/homeydash.app.js), but nothing works. The problem could be, that I have to change in the homey app with a dropdown between this 2 options (Position and Tilt). Standard ist set and that could be the problem.

Does everyone has an idea, how to filter that, so that I’m able to set the tilt function for this 2 devices (instead of set)?

Here some pictures about, when I want to set this in the homey app:

And here the code, I would like to filter, but I don’t know where?

else if ( selectedDevice.capabilitiesObj && selectedDevice.capabilitiesObj.windowcoverings_set ) {
newCapabilityId = 'windowcoverings_set'
newCapabilityValue = ($slider.value/100)


else if ( selectedDevice.capabilitiesObj && selectedDevice.capabilitiesObj.windowcoverings_tilt_set ) {
newCapabilityId = 'windowcoverings_tilt_set'
newCapabilityValue = ($slider.value/100)


else if ( device.capabilitiesObj.windowcoverings_set ) {
$slidercapability.style.webkitMaskImage = 'url(img/capabilities/volume_set.png)';
$slider.value = device.capabilitiesObj.windowcoverings_set.value*100


else if ( device.capabilitiesObj.windowcoverings_tilt_set ) {
$slidercapability.style.webkitMaskImage = 'url(img/capabilities/volume_set.png)';
$slider.value = device.capabilitiesObj.windowcoverings_tilt_set.value*100


If you flip the first and second else-if, then all devices with tilt capability will show this. Devices without tilt, but with set capability will show the set option.
But if all devices have both capabilities, you can’t choose. The first found capability in the if/elsif statement is taken for the tile.