D-link cameras

I own an old d-link indoor camera (DCS8600LH) which I can call through http and get a snapshot. A bit naive, it seems, I bought a new D-link when I needed an outdoor version. After mounting and using it I can’t find a way to get snapshots. After-sales support at D-link now tell me the ‘LH’ models all lack this snapshot capability and rely only on the mydlink app. It supports IFTTT but there are no applets for getting vids or snapshots.

At the same time I find a D-link IFTTT service for several older indoor ‘LH’ cameras that CAN grab snapshots. I also find IFTTT applets involving Ring and Knocki that also get snapshots. How come this is possible and why not with my model? Is there a way to fix this? I can’t make my own IFTTT applet, seems like this is more of a IFTTT service problem. And D-link says they don’t support third party like IFTTT, so they offer no advice than to get a new cam, which is strange, since the box says it supports IFTTT and it must be D-link that has made the IFTTT service for the other cameras?

Someone with any ideas?

That ring or knocki support it, has nothing to with d link :wink: as long d link doesnt offer that functionality in ifttt it aint gonna work

But you must admit it sounds pretty strange that LH models don’t support snapshots and yet there are d-link, ring and knocki IFTTT applets for some other d-link models of LH?