Custom capability button with custom icon

Hey all,

I am working on a xbox companion app right now. I implemented a list of custom buttons to enable controller buttons (nexus, dpad and xyab). They are working on the device but I really want to give them the proper icons. But if I set the nexus button to my custom icon I still get the default button icon.

My capability json looks like this

“type”: “boolean”,
“title”: {
“en”: “Nexus”
“getable”: false,
“setable”: true,
“icon”: “./assets/nexus.svg”

Am i wasting time on this or am I doing it wrong? The svg is in de {root}/assets

@Kaoh does not look wrong. I did not use a leading dot for the path in my json icon path though but I don’t know if that makes a difference. Try “icon”: “/assets/nexus.svg” and see if it makes a difference.
If not then you might need to check your icon file.

and you use them for buttons? not only for sensors or alarms?

oh, good point. Only for sensors up until now. Are you on the developer slack? Maybe someone there knows more about it

I don’t think that is possible now. It seems they have just the fixed set of button types and that’s it.

ok, then ill stop trying to make it work :joy: