Conversion variable heure "hh:mm" en 2 variables numériques heure et minutes, et vice-versa

I am sorry, i do not speak or write French, so i’ll do this in English.

If i understand you correct, i think you might like the format card in the Better Logic Library App.

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it has a Format card which gives parts of the date exactly how you want it, based on your locale settings and timezone (configurable through the settings):
(You can type anything you like it in and select the top one, which is what you typed).
Now, this can be placed into variables directly:


*Set [variable] to BLL Expression cards
Press execute to create the variables and tokens.

Now, to get this back to a HH:mm value, u can use this one: Execute Expression as Tag:

"[Hour]".padStart(2,'0') + ':' + "[Minutes]".padStart(2,0)

*Watch the double-quotes :wink:

This will result in the time as usual:

Update to version 2.3.11 of BLL (in test now) to be able to create new variables through the expressionflowcard and resolve a bug where tags are not filled with a value at the first creation.