Connections to external space

Apologies if this is covered by a search didn’t answer my query.

I am wanting to control devices in a garden studio which is some 20m away from the house. The mesh created at present barely extends beyond the back door so is there a way of networking a range extender to the studio? I have run an external network out so the studio is online and connected to the house.


Impossible for us to know as you don’t tell us which mesh you mean an what devices you already have. In general: if you add main-powered devices, both for zwave as for zigbee, they will contribute to extending the range. For zwave I created a lineair network of about 40 meters now with single and double walls in between… But the plugs (Fibaro for my case) are no more then 10 meters apart.

It’s a Z-wave mesh that i want to extend beyond the boundary of the house as i want to pick up some Fibaro devices in the Studio. Ideally i want to extend this mesh/network over Ethernet as you would for example have a TX-RX unit for distributing AV around. If there isn’t such a device then i suppose my only option is to daisy-chain mains powered Z-wave devices along the garden to the Studio at say 10m intervals?