Extend Homey reach over lan?

Migrating from Fibaro to Homey. I have a garage/workshop placed 20-30m from my house, and it’s to far for Z-Wave to be stable and work directly. In my Fibaro setup I have a HomeCentre Lite in the garage talking to the HC2 in the house, and sort of works as a “remote antenna” for all the action in the garage.

Homey talks to a lot of other services, but does it talk to itself? :slight_smile: Is it possible to connect two Homey’s, to have one act as a “extended hand” for the other, connected over LAN? Or does Homey support any other Z-Wave sentral/hub in a way that I can pair up devices to a remote hub, and and control them from Homey over lan?

Can anyone think of a way to make this happen with an existing app? Can one Homey write variables as values in a MySQL database, and the other react to them, with on reasonable time? Could it be done with IFTT?

I have the following in the garage/workshop: Fibaro Dimmers, Fibaro Relays, Fibaro outlet plugs, Fibaro movement/temp sensors, Aeotec garage door unit, Remotec IR A/C controller, Domitech Bulbs, and Sensative strips (door sensors).

Would greatly appretiate any suggestions! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Anders Hauge

Homey 1 - WebHook - Homey 2


Mqtt is also possible with 2 homey.

Or zwave repeaters, when zwave devices are always powered (direct no battery) the work as repeaters. For example fibaro and qubino modules. Or neo coolcam powerplugs.