Connecting lights that are on two different circuits

I have just had an extension and have two sets of landing lights that are on different switches.

The electricians told me they need to be on different switches because they are different circuits and couldn’t find a way to do it.

They are both on a two way circuit, so:
Landing Light 1 can be switched downstairs and upstairs
Landing light 2 can be switched at the end of the corridor or switch next to Landing Light 1

I would like to ‘virtually’ link these two lights so that when Landing Light 1 is turned on either downstairs or upstairs, Landing Light 2 is also turned on, and if Landing Light 2 is switched at either switch then Landing Light 1 comes on…

Anyone have any ideas how to do this!?

Z wave switches with association?

Can’t swap the switches as they’re a three plate… Also, could that be just on one end of the two way?

You can group them.
Try looking for group in apps if you don’t already have it.