Connect Panasonic Comfort Cloud app to Homey (AIRCO control)

There has been a API change , need to wait for the Dev to update the app.

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Do we already know if version 1.1.2. of 3 days ago should have fixed this error? I have got the same unknown error, after trying to add my devices.

Edit 30 January: 1.1.3, I can add all devices now in the app, the app does read all the data from the devices. But the app can’t turn the devices on or off. The devices won’t listen.

Actually, it didn’t work, I couldn’t control the airco’s. I uninstalled the app, now I get the old error again while trying to add a new device. Hmm…

Maybe leave a review in the app store. The developer isn’t active here. A review might help to get his attention.

@Marco3 Does it work for you now?

the app itself also works poorly from Panasonic. Panasonic’s cloud system is not really well built. I was done with it and now bought a pair of Sensibo Sky. This works perfectly.

@Marco3 That sounds like a good back-up plan. So, you couldn’t get the Comfort Cloud Homey app to work?

My issue with the native comfort cloud app is that I get logged out within 60 seconds… so I trained myself to set the airco’s as quickly as I can. It’s always a fight…

That’s why I hope we can switch the total control to homey.

Good idea to contact the developer via the reviews, I’ll do so.

The way I solved it now… (don’t laugh…) I bought two Google minis and let them talk to eachother… to give a command in speach… seems that Googles integration with comfort cloud is very stable.

But,. Yeah… not the nicest solution…

:smiley: That’s creative! But, that’s of course not what we aim for with Homey. The app should work, unless Panasonic is screwing things up on their part. If you’d be willing to let the developer know of your issues (and refer to the forum) via a review, he might come and react/help us. :slight_smile:

I’m in contact with Panasonic (Netherlands) and I’ll ask them if there are any improvements coming from their end.

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No you will not get it working properly. And the app maker cannot do anything about that, the Panasonic cloud is just not good. If you want to operate it with your phone, you also have to log in again. Unfortunately it costs extra money again but now it works perfectly and everything can be done with a flow such as heating or cooling, Sensibo has a nice app for homey.

Too bad… I’ll tell panasonic and I hope they can fix this. They are pushing the smart home features so they should fix it. I’ll update here when I get an answer.

Thanks, I tried a few times to contact Panasonic, but without success. If you have a valid mail address, I am happy to ask them as well.

About the Sensibo, the website is not very explanatory, I guess it’s an connected infrared remote control? So you need one in every room.


According to Panasonic the login problems were fixed in January. Any one that can confirm this?

Create 2 user accounts for Panasonic.

  • 1 for the mobile app
  • 1 for homey

No problems with automatic log-out.

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I’m getting error while trying to connect to a panasonic AC.
it happens while trying to [select the device you’d like to add]. I get: Unknown error has occurred [unknown_error]. Only option is to close.
Is this the error many are talking about? I’m running V5 on Homey.
Any ideas anyone?

Yes, I can confirm that the Android app of Panasonic is working now as expected.

However, I can’t control it with homey… still the same unknown error.

@RuneTun yes, same error.

I placed a review in the app section. Mentioning this bug. Hopefully the developer reads it.

Maybe you can do the same.

Review is not the right way to report problems! My app works.

What do you recommend is the best way to report problems?