Airco wifi module panasonic cz-tacg1

i have an new airco which has a wifi module cz-racg1. Wirh the app comfort cloud of panasonic i can remote the airco, but i want to include the airo into my homey.
homey is on ground floor and airo on second floor.

If they are both connected to the same Wifi, the distance doesn’t matter. However, access to a Panasonic API is needed before an app for Homey can be created.

thanks for your reply. the reason i mentioned that they are on different floors is to prevent the ir as solution.
Panasonic is i think a frequent used brand for aircos and was just suprised that tjere is no app already.
As i am not experienced enough with programming i assume that i cant get it connected…

Now in the app store: :facepunch:t4:

Doesn’t work on my panasonic airco can someone explain step by step how to let it work , thanks in advance here ! Have a nice day …

See this post.