Combine devices into one

I am looking for a way to combine multiple devices into one virtual device.

I have a motorized swing gate that can be opened an closed with a smart switch. I also have an aqara door sensor that tells me if the gate is closed or open. These two devices would be greate to combine into one.

Anyone having an idea on how to accomplish this?

I have tried the apps virtual devices and device capabilities with no success.

You could use variables. If both are closed then make the variable postive. You can probably use that variable again for the state of a virtual device.

Thanks for the input Marco! Good idea, however I do not think this will be applicable on this type of switch. I left out a detail that the switch is a push button. It can open/pause/close the gate and it does not know what it does. The button will only be enabled for a second after pushing it.

You can take a look at the “group”-app if that fit’s your usecase:

Group as suggested (you must use United group, or something like that) and naturally Device Capabilities would do the job as well but you must accompany it with flows… the app itself is not sufficient for that. So is your way to go, most probably.

I think reflection alone would do the job, no flows would be needed. But maybe the topicstarted can explain some what more what he wants?

Just an (A)VD which shows the status if its open or closed?

Ou, indeed, sorry, I have forgotten about this extension few months ago :slight_smile:

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Many thanks :pray: I will give Device Capabilities another try.

Ideal would be to have a Switch like the one I already have, but is shown as Off when the Door sensor is closed and shown as On when Door sensor is Opened.

The device capabilities with reflection seems to be the way to go.

Any idea on how to trigger on pushbutton if the pushbutton state state reflects on the door sensor state?

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trigger, if that’s what you are asking for…but you need to setup the DC device correctly. Experiment and play, you will find way like all of us. :wink: