Aqara door sensor integration in Alexa

Hi all,

I have an aqara door sensor. Unluckily Amazon does not recognize it. I would like that Amazon echo plays music when I close the door

Is there any possibility to make this work?

Kind regards

I dont think its possible. I was trying to achieve something like this with Google mini, but there is no way how to send command to it. Also it doesn’t support routines based on device status as far as I know. Currently Im using Sonos speaker instead that can be controlled directly from Homey.

I think with a trick you can do that. First create a Virtual Switch or Button and give it the name you like, than make two flows…
1st. When Door opened then virtual device on
2nd. When Door closed than virtual device off

Now search for new devices in alexa. The virtual device will appear in alexa. Now you can use it in your routines. :v: It’s not the best way, but it’s better than no way :sweat_smile:

Does virtual buttons appear in Alexa routines as a trigger? I can only get hue sensors that are on the hue bridge via the hue skill…

You are right… That’s not possible,because the virtual buttons only available in the actions part in alexa routines… Sorry for the false information!