Cheap Earu 32A wifi DIN rail switches

Hi everyone,

I have searched the forums but couldn’t find any previous topics about DIN rail switches that are branded EARU. They seem to be available in 1P, 2P and 4P and a variety of Amp ratings, starting with 32 Amps. The sellers on Ali list a number of compatible brands that these should work with but mainly promote the Ewelink app. As little is known about them I would like to hear the experts on this forum’s first impression on these. The relay inside could be of dubious quality and/or overrated so it’s probably wise to extensively test them in various situations first. The biggest question of course is…could these work with Homey?!

If there is no app for that brand/device 99% it wont work

If you can find whether there is an API for this brand, you might be able to control it via HTTP requests

Unless it is flashable with Tasmota firmware I reckon. I think there are quite a few brands who sell these out there. Curious if anyone has any experience with them.

You mean I could contact the manufacturer about the api?

Searching the internet for an API is one possibility. I did a quick search but didn’t find anything. Contacting the manufacturer would be a great idea though

I think I found the manufacturer (HOCH) online so I sent them a message. It seems other people have been fiddling with similar DIN rail modules:

Unfortunately, according to the manufacturer, there is no API available.