Charge Amps Halo

Is it possible to control my charge amp halo charger via Homey? I can’t find an app supporting this charger. Anyone who can help me?


i’ve been searching the same.
My Halo is installed with Enegic Meter (for load balanser metering).

Charge Amps have an API that you can request access to. I am however not a node-developer so I am not the right person to develop a Homey app. But i Can support if there is one that has the right expertise.

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I am also very interested in finding a solution so that the Charge Amps Halo can be integrated into the HP23. Has no one really found a workable solution?

No support for Charge amps yet? Just had a Halo installed…

I would also like this.
How can I help to get this stated, find someone that could code it?

I would also like to be able to control a Halo from Homey. To enable/disable the connector, and to set max current.

Would some generic OCPP Open Charge Point Protocol - Wikipedia app perhaps be sufficient?

Also hoping for a Charge Amps App for the Homey soon…

I did develop a QuickApp for Fibaro HC3 earlier, but developing Homey Apps looks a bit more challenging and I am not a skilled software coder…

Hi. Does anyone knew if someone coded a solution to control Carge Amps Halo for Homey Pro?

@Thomas_Alund No I don’t believe so, also been looking around for a solution for this.

Eventually I will start looking into creating an app for this, but never done a App in the ”language”before so will be a huge challenge

Okay. Great to hear!
Good luck and please - keep me updated.


@Thomas_Alund Thanks, will definitely need all good wishes to be able to do this :slight_smile:

Never coded in Node.js before, so have not even a clue how to start :upside_down_face: But seen there are some guidelines on the Developer site.

Have done (with help from others) an QuickApp for the Fibaro HC3 to control a Charge Amps Halo, but that was rather “easy” coding, do believe that a Homey App is a much more complex task.

But if I make any progress I will keep you informed.

The personal goal I have is to create a similar thing that I did in the Fibaro HC3, an App that can control the Charge Amps but also with Smart Charging features to charge the car for X hours during night when energy prices are at the lowest point.

But again… this won’t be happening anytime soon, this will take loooooong time

@Thomas_Alund Actually I have made some progress!

I now have an App under development and what have been achieved so far is:

  • Establish connectivity with the ChargeAmps Halo
  • Control On / Off of the charging function in the Halo.

So basic functionality is now there.

This won’t be a super fancy App with all the bells and whistles :slight_smile: , stuff like information about how much kWh have been used to do a charge will come in an much later version.

Initial App will only have basic functionality and basic Flow cards.

What function are you looking for in an App like this?

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Wish list:-)

  1. Current kwh power usage when charging

  2. Ability to change the A (amp) charge setting.

  3. Use the app in flows, example if the halo pauses then notify or the car pauses ect.

  4. Statistics but that is not as important.

  5. A button to buy you a beer :slight_smile: good work.


High expectations on an unskilled coder……. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the input, will put it on my todo list, all of them are doable

This is what the App will have from start:

  • On/Off Button to control the Charger function in the Halo
  • “WHEN” & “THEN” Flowcard to control on/off in Flows

So will be an very basic/simple App to start with.

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Thank you very much.
Great. I’m in big need of this.
Was actually thinking of installing my halo before/outside the Victron system.

I see you already have suggestions and wishes for more functionality and I have the same. Especially the beer-button :slight_smile:


When will you present this app in the Homey App Library? I can’t find it.


Need some time to complete all the things needed to be able to publish an App, this will be my first so I have no clue how long it takes when it is submitted before it had passed though the approval process and becomes visible in the Homey App store.

My goal is to have my part done this week and send in the App for approval at latest on Sunday.

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Great. Good luck.


First initial release of the ChargeAmps HALO has now been submitted to Homey., could according to the information given take up to two weeks for approvals.

This initial release have only basic functionality:

  • Turn on the HALO charger
  • Turn off the HALO charger
  • Set the Current Limit of the HALO charger (this is done in device Advanced Settings once you have added a ChargeAmps HALO in your Homey)

Please note ChargeAmps APIkey is required to use this, you have to request a API key from ChargeAmps Support for this.

Please refer to the new thread in the App section of the forum for discussion about the App once it is available:

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Good news for a friday.