Changing variable-name

If I change the name of a variable in “advanced flow” (upper menu) it does not affect the name of the variable already used in the flows. The old name remains there. Does anyone know if this is a known issue? And where can you report something like this to Athom?

That’s standard behaviour. Flows use the underlying variable ID.
So for now you’d adjust your flows to show the changed var names

OK… it is not that hard to find :blush: :

Aha, I didn’t expect it was default behaviour. I guessed this was a flaw. I already noticed the variable was still functioning.

I was actually looking for a thread or something like that for reporting “possible bugs”, but a support-ticket is also possible of course. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the support system filters on what you want / need

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My statement was not completely true after all. I see this -not changing variable name- behaviour only in the then-cards where the variable is not shown as a coloured variable, but just as bold plain text. In the and-cards, where the variable is a coloured value, they will adjust automatically when you adjust the variable-name. So it seems to be somewhat inconsistent.

Because Tag names are updated when you open a flow.
But flowcard argument values thenself not. And in the When card, the variable is a dropdown/select argument where the ID is used in the background and the selected name is shown in the field.