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Change (sleeping) status for user who starts a flow?

Is it possible to change the status of the person who manually initiates a flow, maybe by storing it in a variable (Better Logic) to check that later when that flow is kicked off by the next person.

What I am trying to accomplish is making a ‘Start Nightmode’ that extincts all lights in my living room, switch on the bedroom lights, start up Heimdall Surveillance, lock the front door, switch on front door lights and then set the person who started the flow to “Sleeping”. The idea is that if that same flow is kicked off by someone who arrives home (after another flow stops surveillance mode, opens the door and puts on the lights), a check will be added (if/then/else) so it will only switch on the bedroom lights if nobody had already registered as “Sleeping” before.

This would let my wife just click only one button when she goes to bed, and I don’t need to worry that if I arrive home and start the same ‘Start Nightmode’ flow, I accidentally wake her up by turning on the light at her side of the bed :slight_smile: . At this moment, my understanding of that status is that I need to set it manually to sleeping and that is open to human error.

UPDATE: This resembles what I have now, but it does not change the status of the person to “sleeping”, it only writes to a variable.

PS: There may be easier or better ways to do this… and I am interested to how anyone would accomplish something like this.