Change size(resolution) of grabbed images/snapshots for full screen Chrome-casting on Nest-Hub

Hi community,

Does anybody know how to change the size/resolution of images that are grabbed by Homey?

I have a Google/Nest Hub 2nd gen and through this forum and the homey-chromecast-app I am able to cast images from my Ring-Doorbell-Pro-snapshots and Sonos-Album-covers to the hub. Unfortunately the images are quite small and do not span the full size of the screen of the Google/Nest hub.

The resolution of the Google/Nest hub: 1024 x 600. I have looked into this forum and the developer mode of Homey (Homey Developer Tools) and found out that in my case the respective resolutions of the images that I want to Chrome-cast are:

  • Ring-Doorbell-Pro-snapshots: 640x360
  • Sonos-Album-covers: 300x 300

Best would be if I could one way or another ‘blow-up’ the images to 600 pixels high. Some directions to make that work might be:

  • Increase resolution size when ‘grabbing’ images from Homey-Ring & Homey-Sonos
  • Automatically upsize grabbed images of Homey-Ring & Homey-Sonos to 600 pixels high
  • ‘Full screen chrome-casting’: always cast any image/video to the full resolution of the end-device.

I have no idea what could work and also not how to implemented in Homey, so was hoping on advise or experience from the community…

Homey will grab the image from the device at the resolution provide by the device. It basically just copies the file. If I look on the developer sight, the images from my cameras are full HD resolution.
As far as I know there is no way to scale an image up when casting as it will just send the image file and it’s up to the device to scale it to fit the display.
I also use PipUp to send images to my TV and with that I can specify the size of the popup window then the TV scale the image to fit the popup.