Change background color homey app for IOS


I’m a new homey pro user.
Using the app on an iphone is nice, except i think the UI is not very sexy. To start with i would like to change background color, but I have have only found black or white (well, dark, light or system) in the app setting
Am I missing something? In all Homey official videos, there is a nice light blue background, but it’s on Android I believe.
Can you help me change the color for IOS?


Videos where produced with the old v6 apps and even older versions …

ok thanks so this means, no easy way of changing the background is available with the latest version?
I find it not very good looking at all currently, and quite disappointing for a company like Homey which pays attention to details, but it’s just my view

Remove the word easy …

Guess they did it to prevent users making it look bad.

There never has been a custom collor, it was fixed.

in my view white icons on white background is not exactly good looking, just boring.
Anyway the bottom line is that is a personal preference and should be left to the user
Is there an alternative, maybe using a third party app (I guess I can alaways use Homekit)