Background color

Is there a way of changing the background color of the landing screen of the homey app. The tekst of which device is hard to recognize. Especially when it is turned of.

Wasn’t there a promise that this could be changed before the V2.0 update? Or was this related to the web UI?

Is there an app for that?

didn`t you already ask it before!!! no problem with it, but just wondering why starting another topic, and not going on with your already opend topic fron Nov18

Correct, but now I am on V2.0, which was promoted as the biggest launch ever. So, that’s why the same question.

And now I am making a remark regarding the app.

Oepsie indeed my mistake as @bvdbos mention :arrow_down_small::arrow_down_small: its was about 1.5

so forget my post :+1:

The post of november was about the old Homey-app, this one is about the new app I guess :wink:

But @KiJo-DuKa : I can’t remember seeing this as a promise and it can’t be changed…

Thanks for just answering the question.

Having the same problem both in Insights and the phone app. Still very difficult to read specially in daylight outdoor. Did you get any information "how to change background colour ? @johan_bendz