Chacon devices

Hello !

I have some some Chacon (the brand) plugs. I was a little bit disappoint to not be able to use them with my brand new Homey (No app for Chacon devices and the way to record signal from Homey didn’t work for me…).


I’ve tried the KlikAanKlikUit app and it’s a success for me !


Chacon RSL366R-F works with/like KlikAanKlikUit Par-1000

So If you install KlikAanKlikUit app and add Par-1000 device, you’ll be able to use your Chacon RSL366R-F.

I don’t have any other Chacon models to test the compatibility but if you do, I can update information in this post !

Maybe this info can help some of you :slight_smile: I




I use my Byron mp3 doorbell button with the KAKU “ACDB-7000C Remote” “app/driver”… :grinning:

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Hello Julien. Do you know if there is an app for Chacon wifi switch SW6201. Thanks!

Hello Martin !

There is no Chacon App for Homey :frowning:

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This is really painfull

Here in france the Homey just came out and is advertised in all blog articles and shops as Chacon DIO 1.0 compatible.
This is a huge communication blunder
“DIO 1.0 en DIO 2.0 producten zijn 100% uitwisselbaar en 1 op 1 compatibel met producten van Klik Aan Klik Uit”

In English:
“DIO 1.0 and DIO 2.0 products are 100% interchangeable and 1-to-1 compatible with products from Klik Aan Klik Uit”

So you should be able to use the Klik Aan Klik Uit app.

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for the next ones looking at this tropic,
here is an equivalence table, not perfect but one can almost find the right items in it

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I use Chacon wifi type switches. Klikaanklikuit uses 433MHz protocol…so not compatible…

Are those Chacon DiO devices?

Chacon and DIO are part of the same company.

From what I understand, ‘Chacon DiO’ is a range of 433Mhz (KaKu-compatible) devices under the Chacon brand.

I have an on/off plug model SW6201. Wifi 2,4 GHz.

So all the new frenchies have tons of belgian DIO / Chacon, mostly in RF433
Heard the Athom guys realized it and are working hard on a Chacon app.

The painfull thing is that 433 is very range dependant and that there is no official way with the Homey to add a big antenna like you can on external RFX modules.
The RFX app for Homey seems to be a complete mistery for everybody, probably some way to connect a PI driven RFXcom module but nobody really knows…

Another slightly off topic issue is that the frenchies have also tons of Oregon Scientific in RF433 , here the current homey app is weak if not discontinued

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Thanks this is a great help !!

I have a Chacon wall Socket That dos not work. Somone hi can help? I dit try dio etc but… ref54664 (rx) model 51160FRX36 , en the remote Ref 54664 (tx) model 50089