Can't play a song on Google Nest mini or HUB or even by my Bluesound NAD C658

Hi there, I try a few things but It seems not working in flow. I have a flow that if some one arrives at home it needs to play a specific song. First i try to play it on my Google Hub or Google Mini speaker. But for some reason this only works if Spotify is open on my phone. This is strange because I tell in the flow to play on this device (NAD C658, Bluesound streamer from NAD) or the Google Hub or Google Mini.

I also try the Bluesound app but this only seems to work for the Bluesound node and not the Bluesound modules like in the NAD streamer because you need some network configuration before you are good to go and this information is not available.

Normaly from any device you got get music from you spotify to a device within the same network. But even with the Spotify app in Homey it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Does anybody know how to fix this or if this even needs to work. thank you

Maybe if you share your flow, that some one can help you?

This is the flow. I try to make it simple because if this works I got use it in other flows.
But if I change this to my google Hub or Google mini speaker it will not play. This flow will only work (of course ) if the NAD device is on. But with the bluesound app I can’t play any song from Homey.