Can't find energy meter gen5 in Aeotec-app for my homey

Anyone who can help/guide me to connect my new energy meter 3 clamp generation 5 to my lovey new Homey Pro ?

The app is not able to logg and show more parameters than total accumulated consumption kWh and continuously consumption W. No amp and no Voltage.

One more question - is it possible to use the 3 clamp device to measure one single phase 230V or do I need to buy another one with onle one clamp ?

This is my first time in this forum so please correct me if I have to choose an other “category” for this type of question.

Thanks in advance

/John M

Hi and a warm welcome!

The HEM Gen5 with 3 clamps is actually not supported by the Aeotec App.
Sometimes there are test versions of Apps available with bugfixes or more supported devices or something else. You can find the test versions with adding /test at the end of the URL.

You can send a “Device Request” to Athom. How to do this and more information can be found here.

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Search is your friend

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Thanks for your respons to my question. I’ll send Aeotec a message tomorrow.

Hi ! Thx for your respons to my post, I’ll check this out :+1:

This app works for the 3 clamps HEM. It does not work for the one Clamp! Does anyone know if there is an app that support the single clamp?