Can't connected new aqara motion sensor to Homey

I bought multiple Aqara devices with the Zigbee protocol. I could connected almost all door and window sensors and one of the two motion sensors. The other motion sensor doesn’t connect. The screen of the app (Aqara app) stays on the picture where it tells you to push the button for 3 sec till the light flashes 3 times.

If I trow a device out that I just connected and then do it again with the motion sensor that didn’t connect I still get the same result. I first was thinking this has something to do with the sensor so I returned it for a new one, but I still see the same issue. How can I connect this motion sensor via de Aqara app with Homey. If I look in Homey I have 12 Zigbee devices connected with Homey directly my light from Philips are connected with the bridge, so I don’t think this is a maximum device issue.
Thanks in advanced for your support.

18 direct connected devices is possible, try to add more router devices (mains powered zigbee devices) and try again.
Temporary turn off none-Aqara zigbee apps can help.
Change power plug for an other 5V / 2A(or higher) model.
PtP Homey (cut power for 11 minutes).

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Thanks for the response but what do you mean with [quote=“Peter_Kawa, post:2, topic:67177”]
Change power plug for an other 5V / 2A(or higher) model.
[/quote] i don’t have an power plug but motion Sensor. So a philips light bulb is a router then right if connected to homey directly? And how will that help to connected it then if it all comes to homey with the same app? Thanks.

The Homey powerplug is meaned, some powerplugs get bad after some time and can be the reason of strange problems.

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Thanks for the suggestions but this didn’t help in my case :frowning: I also found this article Creating-a-stable-Zigbee-network and there I see the same about routers and end devices. Unfortunately I don’t have other Powered Zigbee devices except Philips Hue light bulbs. Only if I throw a light bulb out and want to connect this with the Homey app followed by Zigbee the bulb is not showing. The same happens when I try to add it with the community app “Philips Hue without the bridge”. So I don’t see a way to connect my hue light bulbs to Homey directly without the Hue bridge to make these router devices within Homey.

Then the next step I’m still wondering is how the Aqara will connect via the router device and not directly with homey? Also I’m thinking does the Hue bridge don’t need to be on the same channel with Zigbee as Homey to make it one big Zigbee network or this doesn’t bother? Maybe the cheap solution is to buy INNR smart wall plugs with the Zigbee and then connect them to Homey then they will be probably connected to Homey as router devices right? thanks

Hue’s and Homey’s zigbee are separate mesh networks, they can’t be joined.
And, a router or end-device can be paired to one controller only;
In your case it’s either paired with Homey, or with Hue.
Both networks are unaware of eachother.

As far as I know you’ll have to reset devices which were paired with Hue in order to pair with Homey.

A zigbee light should normally pair without any app via Homey > generic zigbee.
A matching app just unlocks extra functionality.

That’s the way to go. I can recommend Ikea smart plugs for Aqara end-devices

When you add a zigbee device @ Homey, and put the Aqara in pairing mode, it can connect with a nearby router device. It should work when you pair it while it’s somewhere near its mounting position.
There’s no managing of a zigbee mesh, it is dynamic.

I hope this info gets you forward.

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What type of aqara motion sensors do you have?
Are both of the same type?
The aqara P1 is not supported yet…

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Thanks for this but I have two the same sensors and not the P1, one connects and the other not.

This helped thanks. The only downside is like you mentioned that Zigbee Mesh is dynamic and it will take the shortest route to the hub like mentioned in this topic zigbee-network-rebuild-heal where the person refers to this site Zigbee Smartthings so if homey will be offline for 15 till 30 minutes and then powered up again I got have the same problem back again because the devices connected to homey directly.

Not in my mesh. Connections are very unlogical and mostly don’t take the shortest route…

Humans typically think that “shortest route” has to do with physical distance, which isn’t necessarily how a Zigbee device “sees” the world :smile: