Cannot edit or add flows in iOS-Homey-app

I cannot add or edit flows anymore in the iOS-app. The Edit Flow-card appears but remains blank (1st pic) , same for the Add Flow. Occurs on both iPhone and iPad. No issues when using the Homey-WebApp (2nd pic). Noticed this first after switching to new iPad, but not sure if related.

Tried removing and re-installing the app on both devices to no avail. Updated the Homeypro-firmware and iOS-apps to latest versions.

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Problem kann ich auf einem iPad Air (4. Gen) mit der Test homey App (FW und App auf aktuellem Stand) nicht nachvollziehen.

Solved. After rechecking, I noticed that the firmware of the HP had not been updated and was still on quite an old version. Updating to the latest firmware version solved the issue.