Cannot Connect to Nexa CMR-101

I’m trying to connect my Homey to a Nexa CMR-101, but it will not succeed. I have added the Nexa app and selected the appropriate device. Set the receiver in learning mode and pressing the Program button on Homey. The receiver responds as the lights are flashing, but the installation process does not move on and completes. I also tried to copy from a Nexa remote, but the Homey didn’t respond. The same happened to other Nexa devices. Any suggestions…?

It appears to be related to the iPhone app. I tried on my iPad and with success :grin::+1:

Guess you just had bad-luck the first time as these devices user 433 Mhz and the app has no influence on paring. There should be no difference in the pairing wizard for different mobile Apps. (iOS, Android, Phone, Tablet, Developer Site.)

It work perfectly using the app on the iPad. Must be something wrong with the iPhone app.

To get back on this topic.
I also have problem connecting to Nexa CMR-101 directly to the Nexa app in Homey. I have tried several times both using my iPhone and my iPad app. Still the same problem. The device is added to the device list in Homey but it is not possible to turn on or off any lights. Shouldn’t this device be possible to add directly to Homey without any “middleware” like a Nexus Bridge or a Tellstick (that I read someone use)?
Running Homey Pro (early 2019) with Homey version 5.0.0
Athoms Nexa App v.1.1.0

Any ideas?