Cannot connect to more than one Hue bridge

Because the limitations in the Hue bridge (over 100 Hue components) i had to install a second bridge in our house.
It is impossible for me to connect the second bridge to the new homey Beta.
Also I discovered that Homey doesn’t find my motion sensors and my switches.
I just bought the homey Bridge but i don’t know if the Homey bridge will fix my Hue issues.
If it doesn’t work with the bridge than i will cancel my purchase of the Homey Bridge.
Buying the Homey pro just because the Hue issues is to expensive.
Who can tell me if and how it will work with het Homey Bridge?

Don’t have the answer, but consider the new Homey Pro. As I understand from Hue they will have matter soon. The new Homey will get an update in the 2023 first quarter with matter.

Nice thing about matter in there own Hue app is you can merge the bridges. I have three bridges and have to switch from bridge to bridge to operate my devices.

Ofcourse the pro version is expensive. But considering wouldn’t hurt.

You can view up front what is supported for the Homey cloud or Homey pro app versions
For Homey cloud and Hue, only light and socket are supported

I don’t own Hue stuff, but if you can add multiple Hue bridges to one Hue account, those Hue bridges (or the lights and sockets paired with it) should be available in Homey cloud?


Useful info:

Correct, that is a limitation of Hue to connect and expose only ONE Hue bridge to a Hue Cloud account.