Can we combine two or more of the New Homey Pro device on a single home network to work as one unit

Hello everyone,

  1. I would like to know if it will be possible to combine two or more of the New Homey Pro devices to work as one unit and possible as signal extenders around a large building? I am aware we can use the homey bridge as network extenders around a building. But want to know If the New Homey Pro can be combine on same network and also serve as network extenders.

  2. I have two units of the Old Homey pro, can these be combined as well to work with the New homey pro on the same home network?

  3. Can the bridges be used along side the old Homey Pro as signal extenders?

Thank You

Unfortunately, a no to all 3 questions.

They can work together with MQTT (not Homey Bridge) for example, but they all have their own network.

No, Homey Pro will not work as extenders, that’s for the old and the new one, only the Homey Bridge will be as an extender.

They will be seperate meshes and antennas, natively they also don’t talk to each other.
There currently is a Community app in the works (Homesh) to make that talking between each other easier.

Thank You, for the feedback. Appreciate it.