Button + (Release 0.5.0, Test 0.5.3)

If you set it to ‘Window coverings state’ then press and hold, the move request will be sent when the button pressed, followed by the stop request when you release the button. Not sure if that helps. Any other logic would required a Flow.


is my understanding correct that the 2 buttons on the base unit can’t be configured with the button configuration? What is the easiest way to use these?
Or do people use it to scroll through the pages? (and if they do, do you have an example flow to do this in homey?).


You are correct.
The buttons can trigger Flows but they can also scroll pages that are setup by the page option in the display configuration.

I am having problems upgrading the firmware of my buttonplus, I keep getting attached return message when I want to upgrade?
IP address also checked on the button itself and it matches, otherwise the button works as it should, only the screen often refreshes 10 to 15 times before it becomes stable?
a bug somewhere?

Ronald changed the command format to allow specific versions to be selected, so the request changed from a GET to a POST. I will publish an update to the app shortly that fixes this, but in the meantime you can update via the Button+ browser interface.

Ok, Thanks Adrian.

The test version is in the store now.

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