Button + (Release 0.5.5, Test 0.5.5)

Your APP is really great and it works very well. I checked if I can change my home completely to button plus, but therefore I need only 5 displays but minimum 30 different button configurations. Is there a possibility to increase number of button configurations?

That’s certainly possible. I started with 20 as just a figure out of the air because I didn’t know what it would be used for. I will increase the button configurations in the next update.

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Great, thank you so much

Would be great, thanks :+1::+1:

New test version has 40 button configurations.


I have added a repeat count token to the Long Press trigger card. The count is set to 0 for the first trigger and increments for each repeat. So, you can then add an AND card to check the repeat count to see if you want to take any action.

Awesome! Works like a charm! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.


I wondered. Is it easy to implement a ‘THEN’ card to customize the color theme on the Button+? Would be super for notifications or alerts to change the colors to red. Thanks again immensely for the super app!

I’m trying to keep away from having to rewrite the configuration as much as possible and I don’t know if that’s available via MQTT.
I will look into it though.

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How can I start a flow instead of a device using a button?

With a Flow trigger card for button pressed or released.

found it but for some reason it’s not starting the flow. Any special button configuration required?

No special configuration should be required. Just make sure a configuration is assigned to the bar in the device, even if you have set it up.

ok I will keep trying. I am able to get notifications on my phone triggered by a button but no luck with a flow yet hahah

How are you getting notifications on your phone?

It’s now working in an advanced flow not in a simple one. Fine for me :slight_smile:

btw this is so cool! tnx for making this possible!

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How reliable is the temp sensor of the button plus? I am under the impression that it’s quite off. If I compare it to another sensor I have a 3 degree difference

Found the calibration option in the app settings. In the mobile version of the app no negative offset can be entered. In the web version I could!

Glad you found the solution. I will report the issue to Athom.

I want to control my Somfy blinds with the Button+. Working fine, but if I pick “Open” it cycles through open and close, but not there is not “stop”.

What would be great would be:

  • first click: Close
  • second click: Stop
  • third click: Open

I assume I need a flow to realize that?