Button + (Release 0.4.9, Test 0.5.0)

Yes, but nothing happened :pensive:

Do you mean it’s still stuck in a reboot loop?

Hi Adrian,

how to use the then-card for “infotext”? I mean: how to display it on the button+?
What is it intended for?

This worked, thanks!

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Currently, I’m on version 0.4.11 (Homey Pro - Button Plus app) and version 1.11 of ButtonPlus. Today I made progress again. Unfortunately, the problem is still not resolved. However, I feel like I’m going about it in a convoluted way, to get it working. I added the broker information from Homey to Button+ and added the broker information from Button+ to Homey.
In both environments, I’ve now added 2 brokers. Then I discovered that the buttons on the display were working, but the buttons on the bars weren’t. Upon further investigation, I found out that in the Button+ environment, a ‘payload’ had been assigned to these buttons. So, I manually added payloads to the buttons on the bars as well. Now the physical buttons work, which previously didn’t. However, the functions in Homey from the flows still don’t work because I also need to add the correct Payload in the Button+ environment.

All in all, I’m glad that the physical button plus now responds and Homey registers that they’re actually being pressed. But… it all doesn’t feel logical, and I feel like it should be much easier. Does anyone have suggestions for changes that could lead to a solution, where I can create flows from Homey Pro that Button+ responds to without having to formulate payloads in the Button+ online environment? I’ve taken another step forward and that energized me again.
@Adrian_Rockall Thanks for your responses.

It sounds like Homey is not transferring the configuration to the Button + as all the payloads, etc, should be programmed automatically.

Could you open the app settings page, select the Diagnostics Log settings and make sure it’s enabled. Then go to the Device in Homey and select the Re-apply Configuration maintenance function. Finally, go back to the Log and tap on Send Log.

Ronald has asked if you can contact him via the Button web page contactoption.

I’ve just sent a log. I’ll contact Ronald. Thanks!

The log is showing everything is being sent to the Button + OK, assuming you have a display and one button bar.

Nore the message to contact Ronald was for @Remy

still wondering about the “infotext” card? I thought it might be good to temporarly show important informations on the display (Fire in the house!) :grinning:

In the Display Configuration, you can select the information item from the Button + device and add it to the display.

In the image, Room 1 is my Button + and then I have selected the Information capability.

Then the Flow card supplies the text to display.

Wow, this way I understood that I can choose The Button+ itself as a device with a lot of possibilities.