Busch-Jaeger Zigbee LightLink

Hi Homey Users,

is the Busch-Jäger ZigBee Light Link supported by homey?

I have the dimmers in my whole house installed and before to buy homey I want to check if it is really working. At the moment I am using homee in my house but the products which are supported are very limited.

Found a Topic in the old community but nothing in the new one.

Old topic:

Busch Jäger product site:

Homey SW 2.0 is already launched so is there a chance for an app or support?

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Welcome on the forum @DerRau

If the device is not supported (check first here: https://apps.athom.com) then you can make a request here: Homey Community App Requests

On my wish list as well!

there is a cheap solution for your problem you can buy a hue bridge and add the busch jäger devices too the bridge , with the hue bridge app on homey you can add them :blush: its the same as you have ikea lights on a hue bridge and want them in homekit via homey .

Hi, can you tell me how to add the BJ 6716 to a Philips hue bridge? It isn’t recognized…

He, so with homey 5 beta I got it working as a general zigbee device but it works for fine for on / off stuff .
Will do some flow tests on them.

So everything works fine with flows, even when you use philips hue sensors.

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Hi, i want to buy the new Homey Pro. But i have my house full with 10+ Busch-Jeager Zigbee light link wall switches: https://www.busch-jaeger.nl/product/future-linear/zigbee-light-link. They are quite expensive so i would love to know certain it is working.

Is it possible to add this to the homey? And what are the possibilities with it? Can i dim them in homey? Can i start flows (to start the TV for example) with a push on the button?

Love to hear from you! Thanks for the reply in advance.

I got the same and it works on hue and homey. Sometimes it is hard to add them and keep hue or homey close.

I have don’t have dim, just on and off.

Busch-Jaeger 6735-84 Bedienelement ZigBee Light Link

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Ah, i have dim but think that will work to. i have also the 4 or 8 button variant. Is it possible to hang flows behind them? So when the button is pushed of the wallswitch the TV switches off or something like that?

yes I think you always have some on / off device trigger

i also have the BJ 6735 Zigbee Lightlink. How did you connect it to Homey without a Hue Bridge?