|Bridge| Hue lights out of Sync, missing colors

Got a no-bran led light with Zigbee that I included into Hue with no problems at all, bright nice colors and all features, when I included it into my Bridge, all colors were out of sync (I turn on purple, it goes green)… Figured something went wrong when syncing it so tried again with the same result. Unpiared it in Hue and included it as a standard Zigbee straigh into the bridge and now it will only show basic colors, no “mid” colors like pink becomes purple, Orange becomes Red etc.

Is there something I can do to make it work through Hue app as in there it works like a charm…

Try to pair it through an app first (f.i. Hue without the bridge, Tuya zigbee).
Sometimes “interviewing” the zigbee device “unlocks” some functionalities.

Hi Daniel, you probably need the Tuya Zigbee app, but it is not available for the bridge (yet). The Philips Hue app is available for your Hue stuff.
You can check the status of Homey (Cloud/Bridge) on this page: The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey