(Boolean) notification: custom answers

There is an option to sent a notification with a boolean response: yes or no.

I’d like to see that you can customize the yes and no, to perhaps: on or off per notification.

But better would be to have just a list of answers which you can process in your flow with logic. You could define 3 or 4 of 5 options and customize their values.

But it’s perhaps wishful thinking… is Athom ever reading these ideas in here?

Eh… no.
Officially Athom doesn’t read along. Only when a topic is “hot” (100 likes or such) it is possible they read it.
Just send your question to Athom support.

In the meantime, I think this is what you will like:


But officially just the Idea & Suggestions category.

Nevertheless, I would also recommend sending the request to Athom.

This is possible with the Telegram app.
You can create your own questions and answers via the app.
Even with multiple answers

Thanks for the reply’s. Only thing: I do not want to use telegram for this.